3DSimED Support Page 

For general help please visit The Pits 3DSimED Forum.

DLLs to allow Export and Import of Google SketchUp .SKP files, download 3DSimED_SketchUpDLLs.zip. These Microsoft Visual C++ DLLs may also be required, download and place in same folder as the SketchUp DLLs.

AiwGalpha.exe is a tool to help with editing the wp_galpha values in an .AIW file, download AiwGalpha.zip.


The Help files, 3DSimED.CHM and/or TrkMaker.CHM, will not open.

This is probably a security issue. See this Microsoft article:


3DSimED2 renders incredibly slowly.

Your display card is probably emulating OpenGL GLSL shaders  For more help with this and other possible OpenGL problems click here.

TrkMaker crashes on starting I get no window.

TrkMaker requires Microsoft .NET Framework to run.  A link to download it is below. If this does not work try a search at www.microsoft.com